The ninjutsu relies on an area with a consumable fuel, such as grass or vegetation. The user comes in contact with the fuel or area after performing the hand seals, a single or both hands need to connect with the fuel source and fire sparks up. The fire rapidly moves forward and surrounds the target making a wall of fire; the fire can change its course as long as the area is still consumable. The amount of damage that Yamayake can do is based on the fuel source; a low amount of fuel such as a patch of grass or a piece of furniture will burn for a small period or a small source of damage. The more fuel that the jutsu can get, the more damage it can do to an area. Towards a single target, the jutsu is consider to be very low to low damage. The jutsu itself is considered to be a charge or spark; it can continue to burn a fuel without chakra and is left to be a wild fire, a normal fire with no other properties. The chakra consumed by this jutsu is to control and push the 'brush fire' towards a target or to surround a target.