Chipper, flirty, and terrifyingly playful Kabuto is as much a mystery as she is prone to invading the personal space of those unfortunate individuals to have caught her interest. She's practically fond running her clawed fingers lightly through others hair with just enough force to tease, but not enough to do harm unless they give her a reason to change her mind. She's particularly fond of dirty jokes, cat puns, and sexual innuendos. Especially if they make those around her uncomfortable.


Kabuto appears to be female with a tall, slim, and athletic build built for acrobatics and speed. She wears a cat eared helmet and a black bodysuit at all time with not even fellow ANBU operatives knowing what her face looks like.


Very little is known about ANBU Agent "Kabuto." It can be deduced she's been active in ANBU for twenty years or more and is considered a veteran black ops member having trained or overseen the training of most of Yukigakure's current ANBU. The cat eared ANBU operative handles much of the shadowy side of the villages day to day handling and often deals with issues considered important, but too minor for the Ladys direct interference. She also participates in various missions, both ANBU and non-ANBU-related, although her presence usually means that the mission is very important and/or very dangerous. She is most often seen acting as a messenger for Lady Saya taking important information too and from people though her presence has been noticeably absent in this regard of late. Only the head of ANBU and the Lady of Yukigakure know more than that about her. 


Lady Saya: Kabuto's boss, confidant, and possible friend? It's difficult to determine just where Kabuto stands, but she is clearly extremely loyal to Lady Saya and the Lady's clan.

Akaishi Katsumi: Kabuto's current charge/mission.