Takigakure no Sato


Elite Jounin


First Lady of Takigakure


One-hundred Twenty-one


November 11th




Shiro Oni | White Ogre

The Centennial

The Heart Eater


"Watch, listen, learn, that is how you gain strength."


For someone who has lived as long as Yōsaiyama, time is a strange thing, and it colors her character more than anything. The woman chooses to exemplify her idea of an ideal leader. Often appearing publically in the village, as well as doing her best to help her villagers as well as promote trust between the various clans and factions Yōsaiyama wishes to put the same love of her village into each and every person in it. Often appearing as a kind or motherly figure, the woman is not afraid of flexing her muscle so to speak. Showing that just because she is nice does not mean that she has grown soft in her advanced age.

While she has seen the faces of her villagers and peers change countless times, the woman still finds it preferable to love and get to know all the new faces. While she knows that she will outlive them, the woman commonly adopts orphans, raising them up as her own and for the village. Though again her kind nature should not be taken as a sign of weakness. The woman can be stern and harsh when it calls for it. The woman is also rather strict when it comes to following orders, having lived as long as she the woman knows just how bad a maverick is when the situation calls for a cool head.

In fact Yōsaiyama often acts as a cool head in most situations. She does not like to act without knowing the full picture, the woman is cautious, often overly so. Which has led to her preference of bait and switch tactics. Much preferring to lure opponents into traps or exposing their weakness with a strong counter attack. With her cautious nature the woman is a prime observer, often keeping an eye on foreign situations. Along with her wait and watch, nature the woman is an avid scholar, having spent over a century learning, the woman loves her books, often reading and collecting tomes about every subject under the sun. This has led her to be a rather intelligent individual her mental pursuits flowing into many realms, and like many of her villagers is accomplished in the realms of surgery as well as traditional medicine, along with many other subjects, being truly omnidisciplinary.

Of course the woman is not without her faults. Having lived for as long as she has, as well as seen and done more than most in their live. The woman is quite prideful, in herself, often viewing other younger folk as children. Though she is aware that they can still pose a threat to her, the fact that they’ve yet to really experience anything often lead the woman to underestimating those around her. This in part has led to her problems with micromanagement. As she has a specific love for doing things the “proper and correct way” she’ll often make sure that various organizations under and around her are running to her expectations.


A giant of a person, Yōsaiyama towers over most anyone she meets. At over eight feet tall, her massive frame is heavy set, what looks like thick and defined muscle covers strong arms, broad shoulders, flat stomach and wide hips. Though she is muscular the woman does not lack in curves, being rather soft around the edges in the chest and hips. Of course the woman’s olympian build and thick curves are all wrapped up in pale, near paper white skin. She has a mane of bone white hair, thick and reaching down to her rear, left to grow wild. As well as having rather thin and trimmed eyebrows and a soft feminine face, in contrast to her body. Beneath thin white eyebrows are her eyes, two orbs with burning red irises, the Albino’s visage a threatening one when angered. Of course the woman’s chest is a most impressive thing, large enough to form a blind spot right under them. Her body is nothing if not imposing.

The woman’s wardrobe is something to behold as well, favoring rather well made kimonos Yōsaiyama often can be seen in a heavy furisode. Of course being as large as she is the woman prefers not to only wear half of the Kimono, letting everything above the obi hand down behind her, her breasts wrapped up in bandages to preserve her modesty, as well as letting her show off her muscles. Of course her outfit changes during battle or when the Lady is forced out into the field. Donning a red suit of armor in the style of the Samurai of the Land of Iron, she has modified the helmet of the suit, with two large horns sharpened to a razor point while the faceplate has been replaced by the visage of a snarling ogre.

No matter what she is wearing though the woman wears the strap that holds her kanabō on her back, the woman carrying the massive iron club wherever she roams. As well as various pouches for all her equipment.


The woman now known as the Lady of Takigakure was born one-hundred and twenty-one years ago. With her mother dying at her birth, and the girl being born not only premature, but albino as well, the current head of the Mikatakujira Clan, Mikatakujira Motonobu having a tough time along with the more medically inclined members in keeping his daughter alive through the birthing process and for the weeks following. Named Yōsaiyama after their new settlement beneath the great tree in what was to become the Village Hidden in the Waterfall.

From the moment the girl could understand words, her father had started teaching her, learning of the quest that had absorbed the lives of his father, and his father’s father, the girl would be the next in a growing line of children to be raised on the idea that the true path to human immortality is out there. Of course as a child, she didn’t bother herself with her father’s rantings and ravings, instead, confined inside by her lack of pigment, the frail girl would take to reading the vast assortment of books and journals that filled their home.

Most of her early years were spent in solitude, her father engrossed with his experiments on the great tree that made up part of their home, while she was engrossed on memorizing every bit of knowledge contained in the wide assortment of books available to her. As this was a time before most modern Shinobi nations, there was very little on the Shinobi Arts, the only villages that existed were Konohagakure in Hi no Kuni and the new village of Kirigakure off in the far lands beyond the sea. But what there was, was heaps of books about battle tactics, geography and maps and charts that the Mikatakujira took and created on their journeys generations ago. Not to mention the massive medical library that the Clan kept on hand. Not to mention books on legends, myth and fantasy.

It was until her tenth birthday that she would entertain herself with literature both fiction and non-fiction. On the eve of her tenth birthday her father had a very special gift for her, or at least that is what he said. He told her how he found the key, and how he needed to use her in a final test. Being just as hungry for knowledge as any Mikatakujira the young girl agreed, unaware of the change that was about to happen.

When her father led her to a pool of writhing black roots far beneath the base of the tree she was more than a little scared. He did not seem his usual self to the young girl, his eyes were crazed and manic, and he kept telling her to go and lie down in the mass of writhing black. When she refused he became furious, shouting and screaming at her. The girl would cower and plead and beg her father to stop, tears streaming down her pale cheeks. He would have none of it though, and grabbing the young girl by the scruff of her neck would toss her into the pool of writhing black.

The moment she touched the tentacle-like roots they would burrow into her skin. Wherever they entered it was like being stabbed with a thousand burning needles, her small body was penetrated by dozens of the threads, their writhing masses showing through her skin as they burrowed and bored through her, consuming all of the girl’s organs, muscle and bones. She could feel it all, the sickening worms chewing away at her flesh. Wailing and writhing the water in the pool would become tainted red as her blood poured out of the many wounds in her body, she could feel all of her being consumed, working from her toes up she could feel the air leave her body, her screams becoming silent as the roots ate away at her.

When the first of them pricked her mind, her body would twist, mouth stretching all too wide to release a noiseless scream of pain. As the tentacles picked away at her brain, she could feel parts of her mind disappearing, and merging with a new voice in her head. With her consciousness being merged with whatever was taking over her body, she would soon feel the roots, not as they chewed through the last of her insides, but as a part of her. A voice would scream in need inside her, demanding sustenance, demanding that she consume the other thing that used to be like her in the room.

Throwing herself at her father, who had stared at the process in horrified fascination, the black threads would sprout from her body, working along with her arms to tear the man limb from limb. The girl would gulp down thick chunks of meat bone and organ, the voice overpowering her thoughts, its desires becoming her own. As she consumed the body the threads would seek out their prize, the man’s heart. Tearing it from his chest and attaching themselves to it, the mass of roots would draw it in beside her own, both hearts now beating side by side in time. With that the voice would stop demanding she feast, and quiet, the young girl soon passing out in the remains of her father afterward.

Yōsaiyama would awaken hours later, in the deep cavern she would find herself spattered in her father’s remains. Without a sound she’d leave that place, as try as she might, the girl could not speak. Returning to her home she would quickly grab a knife and slice herself open. As she suspected beneath her skin was nothing but tendril-like roots, acting as her muscles and bones, and somehow keeping her alive the girl would inspect her new body. Bar for her heart she didn’t seem to have any organs anymore, if she concentrated she could move and manipulate the threads that made up her body, as well as feel and grab things with them. She also learned that her eyes, lower and upper jaw and tongue were still intact, though without lungs or vocal chords she could not speak. Over the weeks that followed the girl would soon learn how to do even that, vibrating the roots in her throat and using her tongue and moth to form words. During these weeks she would stumble upon her father’s notes, learning from them about what had happened to her. Of course when she ventured into her father’s lab, and found preserved in jars human hearts, the voice that rang out in her head would come back, screaming and ranting at her to take and eat it. Though while it was difficult, the girl not coming to her senses before the heart was about to enter her body, the threads having split open her torso to accept it. The voice was quieter than the first time she noticed, while it was hard she soon gave into the demand, letting her body add the heart to itself. With the new addition now pumping and beating inside of her, the voice would peter away and become quite once more.

It would take weeks until a fellow Mikatakujira member would check in on the house, worried that Motonobu had not come out to share his findings in so long. What they would find instead is the man’s child. As small and frail as ever, she would inform him of her father’s demise while performing an experiment. Failing to mention how he died, she only regretted to inform them that his body was completely destroyed, the young Yōsaiyama fearing not only what they would do, but the voice in the back of her head that was trying to trick her into doing the same to the two in front of her as she had done to her father and the preserved heart.

With this knowledge, the couple that had come to check up on their Leader would take the girl in as one of their own. At the ripe age of ten she was already a sharp one, and she seemed to grow even sharper by the day, absorbing anything the two Mikatakujira would teach her. Regretfully she never learned their names, only referring to them as Aunt and Uncle. With her new found caregivers the girl would experience certain freedoms she lacked before. One of these being the ability to leave their home. She was fascinated by the large crater the clan called home, with the massive tree at the center of the lake stretching above the small village of her fellow Mikatakujira that had sprang up on the shores of the lake surrounding her old home beneath the tree at the center. Intrigued by everything from the sun on her skin to the feeling of the muggy tropical heat, she was thrilled to explore her new world.

Of course along with this new found freedom she would find an entire world of knowledge now at her fingertips. The girl made it her mission to learn about everything she could, over the years of them inhabiting the area, along with their studies on the Hero Water and their own bodies, a few of the Mikatakujira had become knowledgeable in the art of manipulating and using Chakra to perform Ninjutsu. Though they were nothing compared those that belonged to the three Great Shinobi Villages. Learning about Chakra enticed and amazed her, the things she could do with it were incredible, making fire from nothing, and shaping water to her whim. While some on the clan found it odd she could manipulate three elements at such a young age, it was mostly chalked up to being the daughter of their old Leader, who knew when it came to the child of that man.

Speaking of leadership, the girl was expected to take her father’s place when she reached the age of twenty. While the Clan was mostly autonomous, the woman still had to learn about their dealings and business, after all the Mikatakujira were one of the top medicine exporters in the world, and their remedies and cures where highly coveted. Educating herself about her upcoming duties, Yōsaiyama would start to experiment with her new body and the use of this chakra, using her threads to create new Ninjutsu in secret, worried about how the other’s might react.

As she reached the age of twenty, the woman was formally made the Head of the Mikatakujira. While it was difficult, and stressful at first, the woman provided to be a rather decent leader, managing the Clan’s affairs and business quite well, while continuing her research into her own body and the wonderful world of Chakra.

One thing though would show up as an issue during her years of rule, was the brutal attacks upon not only her families caravans, but any caravan which traveled through the various mountain passes of Bonchi no Kuni. While attacks had happened in those passes since anyone could remember, the very mountains themselves gaining the reputation of being alive, and hungry for the blood of travelers. She would spend a year sending out investigation squads, with none of them returning, after the sixth one the woman would go and investigate it herself.

Traveling with a squad of Mikatakujira trained in the use of chakra they would travel to the pass that numbered the most in cases of missing travelers. What they found between the high stone walls though was frankly amazing, and the first time since her tenth birthday that she had felt fear. It was if the very stones around them came alive, shapes vaguely human reached from the rock, swords, knives and Doton Jutsu sped towards them. While some were taken out, Yōsaiyama and the lion’s share of the men and women under her made through the initial ambush, what followed was a rather bloody fight, the shifting assassins. As the last of her men were cut down, Yōsaiyama would start in retreat, that is until one of the men stabbed her through the heart.

As her original heart died, the root like threads that made up her innards would wrap around the sword, crushing it and pushing it out they’d travel up the length of the stone creature, wrapping and binding it. It would be one of the only times an outsider had seen a member of the Yamakira Clan not performing their Hijutsu. As she held the thing off the ground with her tendrils, more and more would tear themselves free, wrapping up or crushing those left in the area. Destroying as many as she could the woman would save a few to interrogate, of course removing the heart of the one who had stabbed her in front of the others. She would end up interrogating and killing all but one, having gone a bit heavy handed, she still needed to figure out just who was making these attacks, and just what was the thing they did?

Commanding the last survivor of the ambush party to lead her back to his clan members she would demand to speak with his leader. Apparently the appearance of a woman with hundreds of black tendrils spilling out from her body, being led by one of their own, was enough of a deterrent for the other Yamakira Members, as she was soon brought before their leader.

While he was the violent sorts, she finally got an explanation as to why his Clan did what they did. Of course with them making a living from attacking and raiding caravans, the woman got an idea. It was there she proposed a deal and alliance, the Yamakira would instead guard the caravans of the Mikatakujira, in return for payment and joining them in what would become present day Takigakure.

It had seemed that the alliance had worked for the better of the two clans. With guards skilled in combat, the Mikatakujira had little to no trouble traveling the bandit ridden lands of countries with no Hidden Village. In turn the Yamakira shared in the gifts the rather prosperous crater granted. Along with their new shared home, the two would begin to share teachings as well. While the Yamakira still kept their Hijutsu to themselves, as the Mikatakujira kept their best secrets and knowledge. The two would teach and train each other in their ways. With the Yamakira being skilled fighters and ambushers, they would teach those of the Mikatakujira who wanted to learn how to fight. Yōsaiyama was among those who wanted to learn from their new allies. Striking up a rather strong friendship with the current Clan Head, Yōsaiyama was eager to learn all she could in the arts of Taijutsu he had to teach. Finding the act of fighting hand to hand and exercising much more enjoyable then practicing the complicated hand seals that came with Ninjutsu, the woman would take to it like a fish to water, using the strength that her new body gave her, coupled with the large and imposing frame she had developed.

In turn she would teach the man all she could about what he wanted to know, though he did understand when she refused to explain the black tendrils he and his clansmen had seen come from her body, as he would have done the same about his own Jutsu. Forming a close bond with the man, they would both rule their clans for the betterment of each other. With both of the Clans becoming rather wealthy off the profits that their medicine fetched, as well as a new generation of Mikatakujira being raised with the knowledge of ninja arts, and a new generation of Yamakira knowledgeable in medicine and herb lore, making the once ambushers and assassins that much more potent with new poisons at their disposal.

As the world around them grew, the two clans would train and amass a lovely nest egg of wealth. Operating hidden from the world, with no one but their own members ever entering the crater, along with the Land of Bonchi no Kuni being a cruel and dangerous one despite its lushness. They resisted invasion or any foreign interest for years. Gaining wealth as more and more Shinobi villages popped up around the world.

The year of the First Kage Summit, while it was of pivotal importance to the world, was a year of mourning for those of the Mikatakujira and Yamakira. With the Clan head of the Yamakira Passing away, and his successor taking his place. Yōsaiyama would find herself missing her one dear friend. Of course his son was a rather endearing boy, and the woman found herself just as fond of him as she was of his father. In the following years the two clans would continue to grow, as would the World of Shinobi.

Not three years later, the first of the minor villages would spring up, coming from the lands to the south, would be the Village Hidden in the Rain, Amegakure. Then from their own neighboring Land of Fields Kusagakure would sprout up a yeah later a village off to the east, Yugakure, then reports of a hidden village in the great north would reach the two clan’s ears. It seemed that the world was getting smaller and smaller. Worrying for her Clan and the Yamakira, and just how long they could hold out against other nations with their own powerful Shinobi forces, Yōsaiyama would hatch an idea.

Bringing said idea up to her compatriot, the two Clan Heads would start to prepare for the plan they had hatched. Gathering up their wealth and some of their best combatants, the caravan would set out for Nishama-jo the Fortress and home of the land’s Daimyo. In his audience the two Clan Heads would propose why a Shinobi Village was so very important to the Land of Basins. As not only would part of their profits from the medicine trade go back to the Daimyo, but he could now call upon an army just like the lands around him. Speaking of the Lands around him, they would use that to their advantage, other, more forgiving countries were raising Shinobi villages, they might see Bonchi no Kuni as weak and try and invade, by becoming a Shinobi nation they could combat it. The real closer was when they showed him the money they had brought along with them, offering to fund half of it, if he funded the rest.

Having made a good argument, the two Clan Heads would soon find themselves paying for their half, as well as having to put out a search for other Clans in Bonchi and the surrounding unaffiliated nations, as well as scooping up any missing-nin looking for a new place to call home. Using what the two clan’s had called home as the basis of their new hidden village, they would eventually christen it as Takigakure when it was done, The Village Hidden in the Waterfall.

At its completion Takigakure was a two part village. With most of the village being located in the hidden basin that housed the massive tree, having been built up along the shore and over the water. A Second village was built on the outside, a mile or two away would be a second village, built closer to a fort than a civilian village, it was a normal sight in the unforgiving land. This outer village would be the one handling all the contracts, with a few traders and civilians making up homes here, while Shinobi made up the rest of the temporary residents, cycling from the main village every now and again. Traveling between the two villages, Takigakure would continue to thrive from trade, as well as start to accept missions from clientele.

The last thing to be decided was who was to run the village. Much to her abashment Mikatakujira Yōsaiyama was the one elected to run the place, having lived there the longest, as well as the village being her original idea the woman was the natural choice. She would accept the position gratefully, and so she would become known as the First Lady of Takigakure.

Working quickly from her new position the woman would again learn all she could from her underlings, with the Clan head of the Yamakira as her right hand she would help bring the burgeoning village into prosperity, and in not even a year had brokered a deal not only with the minor village of Yugakure but of one of the Big Five, located across the Sea, she would see fit to ally herself with one of the older and more experienced Kage’s hoping to glean as much knowledge as a new leader could from him. Now allied with Kirigakure and Yugakure, with their trading and business afloat Takigakure would see prosperity, as well as snatching up an alliance with the newly formed Hoshigakure to the north a year later.

Of course this time of prosper was not to last as tensions between Iwagakure and Konohagakure would boil over. As Nohara no Kuni was turned into a Warfield along with Arashi no Kuni, Bonchi no Kuni would not share their fate, the inhospitable terrain being too troublesome for it to be used for the heavy fighting. Instead with Yu no Kuni being attacked and marched through so that Kumo could attack Konoha, thus drawing the ire of Hoshi, Taki, and Kiri in defense of their new ally. They all would soon find themselves fighting in the war.

Yōsaiyama would get her first taste of real Shinobi on Shinobi combat in the war. Working alongside the First Mizukage, a member of the famed Hozuki Clan, she would learn all she could about battlefield tactics, absorbing all the knowledge she could as she led her men in battle against the forces surrounding them. With most of their fighting being done against Kumo and Konoha, Yōsaiyama would find herself leading her men and woman from the front, the rather small numbers of the village forcing her into such a position. But said position would find her both fame and infamy amongst the world.

Throughout the war Takigakure would engage with lots of heavy fighting with Kumogakure. Near the end during one of these, a string of victories would lead the Raikage himself to come and turn the tide of battle. Locked in a desperate struggle, Yōsaiyama would fight tooth and nail against the more experienced Kage. The two fought for hours, the woman’s tenacity gnashing its teeth against the more experienced Shinobi’s skill. At the end of the battle it would be Yōsaiyama who stood above the slain Raikage, his heart torn from his chest as a prize to replace the one she had lost in the massive battle.

After the Killing of the first Raikage, Takigakure was able to shift its focus off of the recuperating village, allowing Kirigakure to gain a foothold on the shores of Kaminari no Kuni and take up Taki’s place on that front. With a success gained against a much more powerful foe, Takigakure would receive a boost in moral, their troops fighting harder and fiercer than ever before.

Given that they had crippled Kumogakure for the time being, Yōsaiyama and her village would instead turn to Sunagakure, with the Hidden Village having attacked their borders through the Land of Fields. Turning their sites homeward, the newly emboldened Takigakure Shinobi would take the fight to Suna.

With their new found moral boost, they were able to weather the long and bloody battles forcing their way through Kusagakure forces they came to attack Suna on their home turf. While desert fighting was something that her people were very unused to, they would persevere, despite great losses. The fighting on this new front became thick and brutal, with even the Shodai Kazekage becoming involved. The Old Chikamatsu would be the second Kage to fall to Yōsaiyama. Again she’d find herself standing atop the broken body of a Leader of one of the Major Shinobi villages, his heart already plucked from his chest before being swallowed by the giant.

The end of the war would soon follow. With two of the five Kage dead by her hand, and the rest of them either dead or their countries crippled by losses would call a ceasefire. Though it was a stalemate, and their population had taken a massive hit, Yōsaiyama and her fellow Takigakure Shinobi were filled with pride with just how well they fought, showing a Major Village like Kumogakure that they should not be taken lightly.

After the War Takigakure would find itself on the upswing, their population had taken a great blow, but the fame they got during the war enticed clients to hire their Shinobi. Of course Yōsaiyama herself was glad for the turn out, while her village’s population was rebuilding itself, with her pushing a few little bonuses to families who produced children to be trained in the Shinobi academy. The woman would take the time to make sure her country was adequately enforced. Having learned much from her allies during the last war, as well as fighting side by side with them, the was rather put off by the Second Mizukage’s behavior. With the man severing his alliances with the other villages after the war, Yōsaiyama would have her village retract any trading that had been going on between the two.

Finding herself without allies the woman would look closer to home. Iwagakure, one of the strongest Major Villages as well as their neighbor. With Iwa focused on Konoha during the war, the two villages had only had minor clashes along their borders, so it seemed like the logical choice.

Meeting with the newly christened Nidaime Tsuchikage, Kamizuru Akatsuchi, a man she had only heard about during the war. The Taki Lady would point out the reasons for a beneficial alliance between their villages. Not only did her village form a buffer zone between Konoha and Iwa along with Amegakure, Forcing Konoha Shinobi to have to go through Kusagakure lest they suffer enemy attacks. But trade between the three would keep each other’s nations strong enough to repel any eastern invaders.

Apparently it had made sense to the Tsuchikage, as the two were soon allied, with Yōsaiyama meeting with the Current Lord of Amegakure at the time, completing the alliance of the three western powers. Of course during this time of peace, more Shinobi villages started popping up. The one that worried her the most was Otogakure. With only the Land of Forests separating the two villages, the woman would keep a close eye on her new neighbors.

It was also during this time of peace that the Nibi would start to rampage. Although normally quiet, with only a scant few sightings of the great cat having ever been seen, it had started to cut a swatch through the nation. The Daimyo, fearing for his life would call upon his Shinobi to get rid of the beast before it caused any more harm.

Yōsaiyama with the best Seal Masters that her village had to offer at the time would go face the beast in combat. For three days and three nights they fought, using multiple seals to try and trap the beast. One after the other the Great Nibi broke through the seals, Until the Masters and Yōsaiyama concocted a nearly unbreakable seal. After all was said and done the Tailed Beast was sealed into a Puzzle box with the Forty-Seven Punishments of Heaven and Earth Seal. With the beast trapped, and soon returned to Takigakure Yōsaiyama would set her very best on studying the beast, hoping to gain its power if another war broke loose.

And break loose it did, after two and a half decades, an altercation between Konoha and Iwa would soon drag the world back into the throws of war. Strongly allied with Iwagakure she and her village would find them dragged in against Konoha and its allies beside their own.

With Shinobi villages falling against each other once again through the flames of war, Yōsaiyama would now find herself and her villagers fighting alongside not only Iwagakure and Amegakure, but their old enemy, Kumogakure, as well as their new neighbor Otogakure. While she was wary of their new allies, the heavy fighting against Konoha and its own allies assuaged her fears during the course of the war. Along with this, the first Jinchūriki of the Nibi would come into play.

While Yōsaiyama had ordered experiments done on the beast and its chakra, sealing away samples for later use, the War made it necessary for them to harness the full power of the beast, and what better way than through a Jinchūriki?

Transferring the seal over to a human host, Yōsaiyama efforts to procure a suitable host to the beat would be thwarted by the seal. With the Nibi being rather weak in power, and the seal being strong enough to keep it down, the first host was unable to draw even a drop of chakra out. Sadly the Bijuu had to be extracted and so the seal was undone. It was now up to the Seal Masters to develop a weaker seal especially for a Jinchūriki. As they were doing this, Yōsaiyama would be drawn back into battle.

The war was harsh, but soon her village would yield the results they needed to win. With the Three Preta Seal the first viable Jinchūriki would be sealed, the woman training the container herself for use in the war. The new Jinchūriki would be met with a rousing success, providing a powerful tool to their side. Of course with the death of the Lord of Yugakure the Second War would end. Along with the Rest of the Lords, Ladies, and Kage Yōsaiyama would sign the peace agreement in honor of the late Yugakure Lord. In the year after the war Takigakure would lick its wounds, the woman and her cohorts experimenting with making a better Nibi host in the meantime.

Of course she wouldn’t have much time to try and help perfect the process of her village and their making of Jinchūriki, the woman and her cohorts at the time getting down at least enough to make a nice guide for the future generations. But not nearly a year after Suna had to mess around and draw the world back into another war. Still weary and recuperating Takigakure would get hit hard by a new war just after the second. With Yōsaiyama taking back to the field, accompanying her past allies as they once again dove headfirst into war. Greedy for even more knowledge the fighting would be brutal, Taki suffering heavy losses and even going through a Jinchuriki in the time. Of course Yōsaiyama would lead the fight for her people, the woman fighting alongside the Second Tsuchikage and the Lord of Amegakure. Forging a close rapport with the other two world leaders, they would serve side by side in the years of heavy fighting.

After the war was over Takigakure, like all of the other villages, had suffered debilitating losses. Putting together a new reform, the woman would try and bolster her village numbers, encouraging her surviving villagers to produce children, as well as traveling the lands of Bonchi no Kuni and other nations, gathering up Orphans from the war. One such child she would stumble upon would grow up to be her current bodyguard. Finding the little girl wandering outside of one of the most accursed spots in Bonchi no Kuni, The Black Garden. The girl seemed harmless at first, and while those in her retinue at the time advised on killing her, as nothing good could come from that place, Yōsaiyama would do different.

Smiling she’d take the girl back to the village, she would make a good addition the giant was sure. Of course when a medical Shinobi informed her of something growing inside the girl, the Lady knew she definitely came across something special. Of course what they found was something she definitely did not expect, but pleased her all the same. The little girl apparently had murdered her watcher, and knew her name, Rakubatsu Zofuna. She showed promise, a six year old being able to put down a trained medical professional.

Seeing potential for the young girl Yōsaiyama would set her to immediately study chakra and medicine, as well as the Shinobi arts. They needed a new replacement in the Medical Corps after all. Of course at the time a new bundle of joy would enter into the Lady’s life, the previous Jinchūriki of the Nibi had died a few months ago, wreaking minor havoc before being sealed away. What would enter their world was a gift above any other. A baby that would hold the Nibi, hopefully it was sufficient, but regardless it would have to do with their low numbers, Hoshikuzu Jena had her future set for her. Caring for the two girls separately, keeping the two away from each other lest she lose one or both of her future prospects, Yōsaiyama would split her Lordly duties with the act of child rearing. With her village recovering and even more bases built throughout the country, the woman would take time to take care of her children, sending out the rumor that she had been killed in a power struggle in Taki, if only to give her some time to raise her adoptive daughters.

For six years she would raise the girls well, teaching for them and carrying while working as the Lord of the village still. Glad that her rumor had taken, she was free to have the village focus on rebuilding and reinforcing at home, the only people outside of the village knowing the truth would be her Daimyo. It was at this time that Zofuna was changing, possibly for the better. While she had been normal enough, studying and learning like a good child. She was shocked at what happened when the girl went into the operating room to see what was wrong with her. With the doctors forcing the screeching plant back inside the girl’s body, having emerged from right where the cut she had on the day the two met. Yōsaiyama would be amazed by the girl’s body. even after having the plant remove itself from her torso she was perfectly fine, well she was gasping and crying, but she was alive and that was enough for the Lady to be intrigued, looking at the girl’s pale face, the Giant couldn’t help but laugh. At this time the other girl Jena would enter the academy for the first time. Her lessons were going well and the Jinchūriki was growing better every day, the changes the Demon Cat made to her system greatly benefiting her of course it seemed the poor girl had not talked to her charge yet, and was still unware of what she was. the day before she was supposed to leave with Zofuna, Yōsaiyama would explain to the girl just why she was chosen to be the host, Explaining to her the best she could, though truth be told, the Immortal had to lie a bit, the girl’s parents hadn’t left her to rot. But her mother had died during birth, as for the father Yōsaiyama knew nothing about him. But Yōsaiyama did her best as a Lord and a mother, the years would be tough for the little Jinchūriki and she would have to train hard, she expected great things from the girl, and loved her like a daughter, and after the big revelation, made sure she knew that.

The day after was no picnic either. They would set off to where she found the young girl, to see just what was happening to her, they would have to return to the Black Garden. The Lady was stunned at the girl’s control and ability to manipulate the natural plant life of the place, mimicking the Senju’s Mokuton in a way. Pleased by the outcome, Yōsaiyama was less than thrilled by the girl’s change in manner, the girl taking on the personality she had seen six years ago with the old woman, spouting off how they were going to cover the world. It was surprising, to learn that the damned plants of that place actually can a conscious, she would be wary of the massive garden. Of course when they left, so did the other personality, Yōsaiyama quite pleased that her Zofuna was back to her old self.

With Zofuna delving into the world of medical knowledge and developing Jutsu, while Jena at the Nibi formed a close bond, the lady would take time to relax and hone her skills, glad that her prospects were looking up, soon Zofuna gaining the skills to be made a Special Jounin, the Lord taking her as a Bodyguard, While Jena graduated to Chunin and made it on to an operation’s team. Her plans were looking good, and though war seemed to be brewing with Iwagakure running drills against Kusa, the Lady bolstering her troops southern presence along with patrolling the edges of the Black garden that dominated said southern border, she was quite ready to see what came next in her life.

With odd rumors circulating, troops moving, and a shift in leaders. The old Giant is curious to see what has changed, and her village is itching to show off just what they got. So she decides that the best course of action would be to look around, meet some old friends, and see the sights once again.


Jiongu | Earth Grudge Fear: From the age of ten the woman’s body has been a host to the threads that make up Jiongu. With the tentacle like roots replacing all but her heart, Yōsaiyama is capable of molding and shifting her body in many ways, the mass of tentacles and hearts that she is now comprised of granting her many different abilities. With over a century of practice she has become a master over her new body, finding many techniques that it can help her preform. One of the greatest things about the tentacles though is her ability to appropriate other hearts into her body to gain their chakra natures, with six hearts in total they act as her life line, the woman no longer requiring sustenance to keep on living, for when they are all destroyed only then will the woman die, thankfully when one is ruined or destroyed, she can replace it. When she replaces or adds a heart to herself, Yōsaiyama also gains the ability to use the chakra nature of that heart.

Titanic Strength: Due to her unique body make up, instead of muscles and tendons the woman is comprise solely of black thread-like tentacles. These tentacles are capable of exerting massive amounts of pressure and show an incredible tensile strength. By using many in tandem the woman’s is capable of feats of titanic strength, often being able to lift up things many times her size, as well as use her kanabō as if it were a spear. This is coupled with her ability to crush steel between her bare hands like it was paper, even able to dent Ranmantaru steel after a few blows. This titanic strength is coupled with the woman’s advance skill in Taijutsu, making her a freighting close range fighter.

Enhanced Speed & Stamina: Given the strength of her body it is a mistake to think she is slow. Being capable of exerting a lot more force without the ability for what resembles muscles in her to get tired is a great boon. Using her strength and rather light weight, the Lady of Takigakure is able to propel herself at blinding speeds around the battlefield, with her top speed being hard for the unaided eye to follow, she is able to tirelessly rain blows down upon her opponents.

Massive Reserves: Rivaling that of a Jinchūriki, Yōsaiyama’s reserves are simply massive in size and scale. Easily dwarfing many Elite Jounin, the lady is able to pump out countless Jutsu in a battle. Partially because of her body and mostly because of her decades of training, to see Yōsaiyama in action is truly a terrible sight to behold. With the woman able to use a truly massive amount of Jutsu before tiring, she can easily outmatch many of her peers for sheer amount of chakra.

Blind Fighting: Having spent decades honing her fighting skills, Yōsaiyama was trained herself to fight in nearly any situation. This has gone so far to the point where the woman can use her remaining senses to make up for any lost ones. So when she needs the woman is capable of still fighting and preforming regardless if her sight, hearing, or any of her other senses were to be damaged or otherwise compromised, her other senses filling in the gaps.

Living Library: Due to her sheer age and experience, the woman is a massive tome of knowledge. With her own personal library dating before the Ninja villages were even made, Yōsaiyama has memorized nearly all of it, and continues to add to her collection. An avid reader and historian as well as a skilled surgeon and avid inventor, the woman is knowledgeable on nearly any subject. Having accumulated over a century of knowledge about not only the civilian and medical world, but also various subjects on ninja life, from Clans to Kekkei Genkai, as well as a myriad of religions and Jutsu styles. All of this combined to form quite the impressive intellectual, the woman being a true Omnidisciplinarian.

Miscellaneous Information